Samsung is All Set to Launch Bixby with a New Voice

Samsung is All Set to Launch Bixby with a New Voice

Posted:Jun 20,2017

The wait is over; Samsung is finally introducing its most awaited app Bixby with a new voice. The market competency is already high due to other popular AI applications like Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. But the distinguishable nature of Bixby has made it unique in the AI application field. Some added features of this AI assistant will provide better benefits to users. Though Samsung has faced several issues during previous product launch and now they are reintroducing it with the English language. They have given it a new voice. The US users of Galaxy S8 and S8+ will get the privilege to get a sneak preview of this AI system. Users of Bixby can control this application through their voice. It will make a lot of things easier for the users. Bixby is relaunching after several tests and this time it is going to win the heart of millions. Over the times, Samsung has been able to meet their customer expectations and they have provided more than the market expectations. Already Galaxy series has created a brand image through its several products and this new AI application will thrive over the entire Android market.  Also, Samsung has added an extra feature for their customers and the US users can test the features of this application by simply going to their official website. According to Samsung, Bixby is going to perform several tasks like changing settings, sending messages and making a call through a simple touch of the Bixby button. They are still developing some advanced stages of barcode scanning and image processing. It simply works on your command and the users will get the real time experience during all application usage. It will focus primarily on the American market, where the users will get a full experience of the Bixby application and this will be helpful for different application purposes. Samsung already has planned to launch this product in an English language platform and they have succeeded in their own way.


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