Hike in Minimum Wage Distribution in Seattle

Hike in Minimum Wage Distribution in Seattle

Posted:Jul 07,2017

Seattle is showing some remarkable measures in wages distribution. The minimum wages of the employees are going to be increased. According to The New York Times, minimum wages of employees is going to $15 per hour. It is a good initiative for retaining and motivating the existing employees. Also, the job seekers from different places will look forward to getting a chance in this sector. In future, it is going to increase the market competition, as well as employee retention will be possible through this approach. It is a basic need for every employee and companies are reconsidering their payroll structure to make this happen. Though, some of the experts are suspecting that it could decline the rate of hourly work and employment. Simultaneously it is also decreasing low-wage jobs for the betterment of the economy. According to the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research), it depends on the demography and geographic location of the place. Along with that, industrial growth in that sector is a crucial thing. At present, Seattle is the best place for implementing this payroll structure. On the other hand, IT industry has been flourished all over the city. Therefore, increase in hourly pay can boost up the employee engagement. The state legislature of New York is also embracing this remarkable change. Seattle is gradually showing the wage growth from $11 per hour to $15 per hour.


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