An Insight to the International Entrepreneur Rule

An Insight to the International Entrepreneur Rule

Mr. Trump is modifying International Entrepreneur Rule

Posted:Jul 17,2017

After becoming the president of America, Mr. Donald Trump is eager to make several changes in the American legislature. The president wants to strengthen the American structure once again. For that reason, Mr. Trump is putting emphasis on different visa issues. His previous step regarding H-1B visa was to create more opportunities for Americans. Now, he has come up with a new proposal, where foreign entrepreneurs will be halted from doing business in America. In this manner, Mr. Trump is paving a new way for the American entrepreneurs. Over the years, many foreign companies have enjoyed the privilege to flourish their business across America. According to the International Entrepreneur Rule, foreign entrepreneurs have the permission to pursue their business in America. The former president Barack Obama has created the rule and according to which any foreign entrepreneur can start a business in America. Mr. Trump is limiting the liberty of foreign entrepreneurs to do business in America. On the contrary, market research shows that 40% of the fortune five hundred companies have been formed by foreign entrepreneurs. Moreover, American business market is also full of some great entrepreneurs, who are not American at all. Though this new rule is still in progress and it could create a prospective market for the American entrepreneurs.


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