Broadpwn Attack: iOS and MacOS need immediate updates

Broadpwn Attack: iOS and MacOS need immediate updates

Apple devices need instant updates.

Posted:Jul 26,2017

It is high time to update all Apple devices to its highest version. Over the years, Apple has proved its efficiency in different technical platforms. iPhone and iPads always have been quality products of Apple and it sets a benchmark in Smartphone domain. Also, Apple’s Macintosh OS sets a different standard in comparison with the other contemporary operating systems. With the changing time, Apple has upgraded both of the system software like iOS and MacOS. Now it has become the utmost necessity to download the latest software updates for device protection. The online hacking is growing rapidly and Wi-Fi is the most vulnerable network protocol through which different online attacks could take place. Apple recommends this update for preventing the future online attacks on your device. Your mobile and computer must be protected from the online threat called as Broadpwn. It actually takes control over your system through the Wi-Fi chips embedded into your device. For iPhone users, the latest version of iOS 10.3.3 is recommended and MacOS Sierra users should upgrade their system to 10.12.6 version.


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