Magnetic Tape Storage: A new record has set by IBM

Magnetic Tape Storage: A new record has set by IBM

IBM has created a new record in storage space development.

Posted:Aug 08,2017

IBM has proven their technical efficiency once again. They have realized the necessity of better storage space with the advent of nano storage devices.  It is a remarkable achievement for IBM in the history of storage tape development. The small storage device is capable enough of storing data up to 300TB (terabytes). In this era, storage space management has become the top most necessity in every digital domain. Here, the big storage space is coming in a small single palm size tape cartridge. Along with that, this storage system contains better areal density compared to other storage devices. Almost 20 times areal density than the other commercial storage devices is present in this system. Near about 330 million books could be stored in text format within this huge storage space.  Consequently, scientists are stepping towards a new era with this technical progress. IBM is the company, which introduced its first 726 magnetic tape unit product more than 60 years ago. It is a collaborative effort of IBM and Sony for changing the efficiency of a storage device. Over the years, IBM has been experimenting storage space management with Sony Storage Media Solutions. Now, they have come with the latest device with the best storage capacity.

In this way, IBM has given emphasis on three aspects like energy consumption, cost efficiency and better security. Therefore, important information could be stored in a secure manner. Energy efficiency of this product makes it contemporary in this market. This innovation has a great future prospect, where it could be used in cloud cold storage process. Media technology has taken a giant step and this innovation will help in better market penetration.


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