Android is All Set to Compete with iOS 11

Android is All Set to Compete with iOS 11

Oreo is the latest update of Android OS.

Posted:Aug 24,2017

Smart phones have brought a new revolution in the field of mobile technologies. Over the years, both the companies Google and Apple have developed effective software platforms for making smart phone usability easier. The latest release of Apple’s iOS 11 is promising more efficient user interface and better interactivity. On the other hand, Google has announced its latest Android OS version Oreo for the Android lovers. The Android platform covers a vast technological spectrum, where the user gets better interface within a lower price range. The new Android OS is promising better work efficiency as it will provide improved battery life in every handset.  The smart phone is renowned for its multitasking features. The OS Oreo makes the multitasking feature one-step ahead. The user can play any video in the front end while they are busy with other mobile applications. More lag free nature makes the OS faster and quite relevant for the present market. Google also puts emphasis on the keyboard functionalities and the Augmented Reality applications. It has been a long time since Google released its earlier Android version Gingerbread. The most noteworthy thing of Oreo is improved GUI (Graphical User Interface). Users will get a new set of emojis, improved screen setting as if they can access two apps simultaneously on a single screen. It will take less time to load an application from the memory. Stricter security control on different applications is one of the essential features of this operating system.

In this fall, the new OS Oreo can definitely give a tough competition to the iOS 11 users. Apple’s iOS 11 will be launched into the market at the same time with lots of new features like upgraded Siri, Peer-to-Peer payment, modified photo effects and application control system. Most of all, it will be a great choice for the smart phone lovers. 


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