Apple and Accenture: The Partnership for a Better iOS Business Solution

Apple and Accenture: The Partnership for a Better iOS Business Solution

Posted:Sep 05,2017

When the world of innovation meets the leading global professional services, then some exciting transformation is sure to happen.

Apple and Accenture joined their hand to make an uplift in their business and to reach out to more people through their innovative business solutions for iOS. Apple rules the world with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV, whereas, Accenture leads by providing a huge range of services and solutions in business strategy, consulting, digital technology and operations across the globe. With this new collaboration, there will be an increase in the power, simplicity and the security of iOS. Being the leader in the industry, Accenture’s digital transformation will make further help to open more new revenue streams, enhance productivity and will also keep customers engaged by making their experience a better one.

There will be a dedicated iOS practice in some of the selected Accenture Digital Studios and the experts from Apple will be there to make their work done in a more efficient way. By getting their work done together, the companies will launch new apparatus and systems that could prove in better client transformation to engage with their iPhone and iPad customers. The expert group will consist of visual and experienced designers, programmers, data architects, scientists, hardware and software designers.

The latest iOS apparatus and services will make an Apple experience better. The ecosystem services will support the client to get the total range of iOS integration requirements that will be connected to the back-end systems. The expert system of Accenture and the unique iOS of Apple along with the key partners like SAP and Cisco will make things happen bigger.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) services contain innovative tools, templates and also predesigned code to make sure that the clients can get an immense advantage of the data from the IoT platforms in the iOS apps.

There are also Migration services, which help the clients to transfer their applications and data to latest iOS apps in a more quick and easy way.


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