Yahoo is All Set to Strengthen its Security Measures

Yahoo is All Set to Strengthen its Security Measures

Posted:Oct 06,2017

Network vulnerability is the most detrimental thing in email exchange. Yahoo will be more cautious about their mail transfer protocol in upcoming days. They are tightening their security measures to fight most vulnerable issues. Back in the year 2013 Yahoo suffered a lot for a serious security breach. It has created a major impact on several accounts of Yahoo including services like Flickr or Fantasy sports. For strengthening the security measures, the company was merged with Verizon and they have implemented some corrective measures. The overall progress of this mammoth task is going well. In 2016, the preliminary step has been completed and Yahoo was predicting that near about 1 million accounts have been affected by the security breach. Later on, they have realized that near about 3 million accounts have been hacked in this vulnerable issue. The Chief Information Security officer of Verizon, Chandra McMohan said that they paved the way for better accountability and transparency in the mailing service and Yahoo has been able to manage the network threat for this reason. Though it is a huge task to send individual notifications to 3 million account holders, the company is still managing to overcome the challenging situation.

For improving account safety, you have to change your password and security questions. In addition, you should not click on the suspicious links coming from unwanted senders. The primary precaution also includes data privacy. Sharing your private information with strangers is no more safe.


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