Coherence Between Opportunity and Restriction: Impact of Trump’s Immigration Policy

Coherence Between Opportunity and Restriction: Impact of Trump’s Immigration Policy

Trump's immigration policy is creating better future.

Posted:Oct 11,2017

A new dawn is waiting for the tech aspirants under the legislation of Trump government. From the very first day, the president Trump is focused towards the empowerment of American job sector. On the contrary, the government has considered the change in the immigration policy. The new policy is focused towards the improvement of American job sector as well as providing better scope for the tech aspirants across the globe. Along with that, they have done a lot of changes in the H-1B Visa curriculum. Now only deserving candidates will get the opportunity to flourish their future career in the United States. As per the legislation, deserving migrants will be placed properly across U.S. It is not so hard for a person to get a desired job, who has a good command over English language and professional ethics. In case of becoming a green card holder, the immigrant is bound to follow some legislative decorum. Only eligible immigrants can stay with the person. The government is restricting the entry of older and extended family members in U.S. On that note, it is crucial for enhancing the economic contribution based on pure merit. Mr. Trump is always focused towards the prioritization of Americans.

The ratio between the employment of foreign immigrants and local candidates should be maintained in proper order to boost up the national economy. In that way, it is paving the path for a better future. The particular curriculum, Diversity Visa Lottery is accommodating near about 50000 permanent resident visas annually. The main aim is to diversify the immigrant population across U.S. and it is helpful for pulling large amount of immigrants from the countries like India, China and Mexico. With this curriculum, the government is welcoming young, skillful and efficient foreign job aspirants from all across the globe.


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