Microsoft is going to hire more MBA graduates

Microsoft is going to hire more MBA graduates

Management graduates are getting more opportunities in Microsoft.

Posted:Nov 17,2017

Microsoft is one of those companies which have a wider market and particularity in hiring. It’s  a good news for the Business Administration graduates that in the upcoming days Microsoft is going to hire more MBA graduates in their regular workflow. The curriculum is happening across the globe and many job aspirants are participating from the business schools around the globe. Recently, the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella revealed that this program considers near about 150 business schools in 40 countries every year. So, it reflects that the company is welcoming a cross-cultural workforce for better business growth.  At present they are recruiting the MBA graduates in several departments such as business development, human resource, finance and marketing. So, the opportunity becomes wider for everyone. The salary structure of Microsoft is pretty much high and their Washington based headquarter Redmond offers a lucrative package of near around $160000 to a newly appointed employee. 

Microsoft had been founded back in the year 1975 when many of the tech giants did not even start their businesses. Over the years, it has managed to create a brand value and now they are among the top 5 technical recruiters across the globe. The demand for Business Analyst is thriving all across the globe. Similarly, Microsoft has shown a remarkable change in terms of staffing MBA candidates. In this present year, they have recruited 30% more MBA graduates compare to the previous year. So, it is a good opportunity for the Business Administration students to get the desired job role with a prestigious brand.


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