Google’s New Hiring Spree is Getting More Tech Friendly

Google’s New Hiring Spree is Getting More Tech Friendly

YouTube is recruiting more techies in different domains.

Posted:Dec 19,2017

Google is all set to hire thousands of candidates for its content refining program. At present Google is going through a situation, where many of its videos need rechecking. In accordance with YouTube policy, offensive video content must be moved off the database. The evolution of YouTube is quite impressive. Over the times, it has been able to create a larger audience and an alternative platform for sharing video contents irrespective of regions. Moreover, the moderation curriculum is not a day’s work; naturally, it needs better workforce management. Online advertisement is a salient feature of YouTube videos and the revenue model is totally dependent on the digital marketing platform. They are going to implement some tougher restrictions on YouTube advertisement with the utmost use of smart technology marketing. Inherently, this mammoth operation is creating better job opportunities in various technical domains. Based on that, recruitment will be possible in some special domains such as- content reviewers, software engineers and policy specialist. Refinement of the machine learning technology is another associated task of Google at present and they are hiring more people to provide top-notch service in the upcoming days.

The present CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki in a recent blog post stated that they are aiming to fix this issue by 2018. Also, she added that near about 2 million videos have been detected with alarming content, which must get removed on an early basis.  Google’s algorithmic pattern allows advertisements based on the video contents. This curriculum can surely boost the working capacity of this worldwide popular video search engine. The main motto is to provide free, creative and entertaining video contents.


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