IBM is all set to introduce Deep Learning as a Service

IBM is all set to introduce Deep Learning as a Service

DLaaS is going to reshape the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) learning.

Posted:Mar 26,2018

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to be the next big thing in the coming days. Every day we are coming across new innovation and milestone achievements of AI technology. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will uplift the IT job market to the next level in the near future and more skillful workflow will be achieved. As following the path of previous achievements, IBM is going to reshape the future of computing with their latest innovation. They have announced to launch new Deep Learning as a Service, which will simplify AI development as well as learning. The neural network training will be smoother due to the implementation of latest DLaaS and some of the popular frameworks will be used such as- PyTorch, Caffe, TensorFlow etc. So there is no need to use costly hardware for the development purpose. It will save more resources and this innovation is definitely going to create a big hype within the tech sector. AI is becoming the indispensable part of our day-to-day life. Whether it is a healthcare or a knowledge-building sector, AI is getting integrated with every aspect of life. Based on that, the future prospect of AI is quite bright. The latest innovation will help everyone to incorporate more and more AI techniques in real life. This learning service is offering more flexibility where the user can choose any framework from a range of frameworks. Along with that, you can have a different neural network model, training data as well as the cost constraints. Rest of the things will be completed by the service itself. Consequently, it is an ultimate interactive and iterative process where the learning experience gets simplified.

As an end user, you only need to upload your prepared data and the training process gets started immediately. You can also download your required training result from this module. Moreover, it’s a time saving and effective way of learning. IBM officials have declared this as an experiment-centric model that offers a training environment. Furthermore, it is an automated learning process where training modules get arranged on their own. After completing the training, the result will be generated automatically and you can recheck it later. The end users are only paying the cost of the resources they have selected. Nowadays, AI is entering into different product and service industries. So, this training module will help more techies to step into the AI field. It has been tested with IBM Watson computer and the response is quite impressive. IBM is expecting much more from this innovative module and it can surely meet the expectations of numerous AI enthusiasts as well.


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