Google is still on a Hiring Spree

Google is still on a Hiring Spree

Google is going to provide more jobs in the coming days.

Posted:Apr 27,2018

Google, the world’s biggest tech giant is facilitating the technical sector in so many ways. They have been in the tech domain for a long time and with their technological innovations, they are continuing to deliver the best recruitment opportunities to the tech aspirants. The U.S. based tech recruiter is still on a hiring spree, where they can incorporate more tech talents into their corporate ecosystem. Over the times, Google has improved a lot in terms of their search engine service and mail server facilities as well. Nowadays, almost everyone is somehow dependent on the Google facilities. As per their latest economic impact report, they are going to deploy more tech candidates into their various data centers across the country. In a recent press meet the Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned that the hiring process will be focused on Clarksville, in the northeast Montgomery County. They have just started the work and it is going to open new doors for the tech job seekers. The calculative investment of the project is around $600 million and it is their 15 th data center in the worldwide network structure. Moreover, this will be considered as 8 th data center of Google within the country itself. Pichai has promised to provide 75 direct jobs with the launch of this new data center and most of the jobs will be provided on high-skilled IT positions.

All of us consider Google as a prestigious platform for its better carrier prospect and high salary package. The company is well known for its improved recruitment solution and simultaneously their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education is helping to boost up the tech studies.   They are pledged to provide financial as well as expert training support to prepare the students of Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools System. We can hope that the advocacy of Google can surely bring maximum opportunities to the tech job seekers.


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