Latest Google Update in Core Search Ranking Algorithm

Latest Google Update in Core Search Ranking Algorithm

Google's new core search ranking algo can change some SEO perspectives.

Posted:May 03,2018

Recently Google has introduced a new update to its core search ranking algorithm. This change has been introduced just for the betterment of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The news was disclosed on their twitter handle. Google always keeps changing their SEO algorithm to reshuffle search results. Every year they introduce new changes in their searching algorithm. Some of the changes are focused on a specific improvement, whereas others cover a broader regime. It is a broad change from Google’s end. Due to this, some high ranking WebPages might get affected and the websites can experience a temporary fall in search ranking. This algorithmic change is focused towards the growth of previously under-rewarded websites, which can improve search page ranking with some good SEO techniques.

SEO has become the strongest part of the digital marketing aspect. The fluctuating rank order might affect the webpage crawling for a certain time, but it will contribute more in a long run.


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