More H-1B Visa Candidates are going to U.S. Tech Companies

More H-1B Visa Candidates are going to U.S. Tech Companies

U.S. top tech companies are incorporating more H-1B visa candidates.

Posted:May 09,2018

We all are aware of the fact that U.S. tech companies are the ultimate dream job destination for thousands of tech job seekers across the world. Everyone is keen to know the latest vacancy updates of the top tech recruiters like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Google etc. Silicon Valley has become the dream job destination in the last decade. Those tech giants are continuously striving to provide a better employment to the job aspirants. It becomes more effective when the legislative acts go with the flow of employment. In a report of National Foundation for American Policy, it clearly reflects that high skilled talent acquisition has emerged into the American economy and it is paving the path for global recruitment. The popular nonimmigrant work visa permit H1-B is in high demand and statistically foreign applicants are getting fair chances through this. In the last fiscal year, four tech recruiters such as- Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Intel have approved so many H-1B petitions for the initial employment. The record says Amazon has approved almost 2515 petitions from the tech job aspirants. There are still some other reputed organizations such as- Apple and Facebook in this hiring spree. Amazon stands at the second position in terms of employment ranking, where the H-1B petition approval numbers have been increased from 1416 to 2515. There is a positive vibe among the industry experts that more H-1B visa candidates will get hired in the upcoming days.


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