Corporate layoffs: Prepare your BYOD smart phone for the worst

Corporate layoffs: Prepare your BYOD smart phone for the worst

Posted:Jan 28,2015

By laying off staff, companies have their own plans to cut the costs which can be very much humiliating and devastating for the employees who face the layoff. It is really very unfortunate and an unforeseen consequence for the people who have been left unemployed. The people who should be prepared for the worst are the once who use smart phone in BYOD programs. Both personal and corporate data can be stored in BYOD phones. Though the company may not care about the workers, but the workers who are facing the layoff are very much concerned about the company’s information as it can be stored in their private phones. Hopefully the phones were properly provisioned when first brought to work, so personal and work information is totally segregated. This becomes easier for the company as they can delete all the data that is available when they are offering the termination letter to the respective people. It is never wrong to make sure that all the personal information on your phone is safe. It is very much necessary to back up all your stuffs regularly. There are many companies that are starting the process of layoffs. But this layoff process may also be the first time for some companies since implementing BYOD. The simple process of terminated employees is just to hand over the company phones and leave as most of it has company data on it which obviously is very much important for the company. Even if you do not face the layoff, it's better to be careful with your data in BYOD situations. It will be fruitful for you as you do not have to face problems for it later.

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