Advent of AI is Booming Everywhere

Advent of AI is Booming Everywhere

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the technological spectrum.

Posted:May 23,2018

Technological advancements have come to a certain point where AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to take next part of the game. Artificial Intelligence is booming all around the world and both the tech pioneers like Microsoft and Google are setting new AI trends to ease the market needs. The Google CEO Sundar Pichai has summed it up in the latest open conference. Especially, the Google assistant is getting bigger and better where it could be used for making calls to fix an appointment. On the other hand, Microsoft is adding new features in Cortana (the AI system embedded in Windows 10) where it can pair up with Amazon’s Alexa and produce a more accurate result in real time. AI is our future and all the automated systems are going to depend on this machine intelligence. Recently, Microsoft has given a demo where the robot is chatting with humans over the phone. With the advent of AI, some specific tech domains are flourishing rigorously and they are machine learning, deep learning and study on neural network. Microsoft has created a separate platform named as Microsoft Azure AI which provides a comprehensive solution for AI starting from pre-built APIs to Bot tools. In a recent conference, the present CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella has mentioned that ‘We need to ask ourselves not only what computers can do but what computers should do’. Due to this, ethical AI is coming into a big picture where data privacy and other ethical issues need to be taken special care of.

The development in the field of AI is going on and there is still more to achieve. With the technological advancements, it is simultaneously creating employability for the tech aspirants.


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