Tons of Google engineers want to quit

Tons of Google engineers want to quit

Posted:Feb 02,2015

Tons of engineers [are] looking to leave the Google after bonuses, was a tweet that was made by Ex-Googler and Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo. The migration of talent from big companies to startups is an ancient cycle and it is very important to remember that this is a phase that is similar changes in San Francisco's frigid temperatures in August. A source further added that only if the company is unable to get its stock growing again, he expects talent to flee Google in increased numbers during 2015. From $577 per share on this date a year ago, Google's share price is down to $501. Google is literally paying its people less money in 2015 than it did in 2014. It is in Silicon Valley, where employees are often compensated as much or more in stock as they are in cash. Google had a relatively rough 2014, but it is always hard to say exactly why a stock is going down. According to some of the Googlers, 2015 seems to be disastrous for them. Search advertising, which is considered to be the core business of Google, is looking shakier than it has in years. The only problem behind this is the rise of mobiles. On the web Search Advertising is the best way to make money. But the problem is that people are not using the web as much on their mobile phones as they did on their desktops. Compared to the past six years, Google's advertising business grew at its slowest rate in six years. Rather than using Google, People are searching for products on Amazon. The reason that search makes money for Google is because people use it to search products that they would like to buy on the internet, and Google shows ads for those products.

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