Tablet Support Will Be IT's Next Challenge

Tablet Support Will Be IT's Next Challenge

Posted:Feb 04,2015

New research shows an increasing need for IT professionals to support their use as tablets are becoming become more common in the workplace. According to a survey that was conducted by CISCO, suggests the use of enterprise-grade tablet computing will increase in 2012. The survey further found out that More than 20 percent of U.S. employees ask to use a company-owned tablet, the most of any country globally. U.S. senior executives are more likely than their peers in other countries to be issued a tablet but U.K. are least likely to get one. Three-quarters of the IT managers surveyed in the U.S. said new rules must be established around tablet security and device usage. Despite having the most experience managing tablets, the study found that IT professionals in the U.S are the most concerned about securing them. 75 percent of IT managers said work-issued tablets must have email and document-sharing capabilities. The other services needed for a business tablet include instant messaging, video conferencing, seamless synchronization with other business devices and access to company databases. IT demands continue to ensure enterprise-grade security, manageability and interoperability, but Mobile workers and virtual workspaces are here to stay. Many surveys had been conducted and mostly all of them found out that there has been an increase in the number of employees bringing their own devices to work. Many businesses are seeing employees using their own devices on the job, with personal tablet use increasing rapidly. Employees in the U.S. led the way globally, with 64 percent using their own tablets and other devices without their boss's approval.

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