IT Growth Outlook is Bright

IT Growth Outlook is Bright

Posted:Feb 05,2015

New research shows the IT industry's growth outlook has reached its highest level in five years, with spending on hardware and software reaching record amounts. According to the CDW IT Monitor, fueling the growth is the anticipated record-high demand for hardware and software investments. The data further shows that 80 percent of IT decision-makers are planning hardware spending, up 4 percentage points from October. The most significant increases are to be witnessed by Small businesses and local and state governments. Additionally, 82 percent of IT decision makers are anticipating making software purchases, up 7 percentage points. The data indicates that the IT spending outlook, first established in 2007, has reached a significant milestone according to Neal Campbell, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for CDW. Campbell further added that More IT decision-makers are feeling optimistic about the prospects of their IT budgets increasing, and they are anticipating significant IT investments in the next six months, especially on the hardware and software fronts. With new competitive advantages in 2012, the organizations will continue to look at technology investments as ways to boost efficiency, increase productivity and gain. According to the research, optimism regarding increased IT spending is the strongest among IT decision-makers in the health care, manufacturing and IT industries. Since the month of October, it is to be estimated that IT leaders anticipate hardware and software purchases to increase by 3 and 9 percentage points. The retail industry also continues to increase its investment optimism. Across three levels of government, the CDW IT Monitor is based on surveys of more than 1,000 IT decision-makers representing all sizes of companies and multiple industries.

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