IT Exec Salaries Vary Greatly Depending on Chain of Command

Posted: Feb 06,2015

A new study shows that whether IT executive reports to a CEO or a CIO can mean the difference between tens of thousands of dollars in annual salary. While executives reporting to the CIO made an average of $40,000 less, new data from the CIO/IT Strategy Media Group IT salary and career survey revealed that senior IT executives reporting to the CEO earned an average yearly compensation of $202,608. The study further showed that the average IT executive experienced a decline in total compensation in 2011. The total 2011 compensation for an average senior or midlevel IT executive was $157,482, a $3,000 decline from 2010. The research shows IT leaders at enterprise organizations reported an average 11 percent higher compensation than their midmarket and small-business counterparts. There was a salary increment of more than 60 percent of IT leaders receiving salary increases last year, the study shows they still want more. It was nearly 40 percent of those surveyed who said that they were at least somewhat dissatisfied with their current compensation levels. Of those surveyed, 30 percent admitted they were pessimistic. That displeasure has led a number of IT executives to look down on their employer's future. Representing all industries across the United States, the annual CIO/IT Strategy Media Group IT salary and career study is based on surveys of more than 500 IT executives.

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