CIOs Embracing Consumerization of IT

CIOs Embracing Consumerization of IT

Posted:Feb 09,2015

New research shows many businesses are actually embracing the movement of bring-your-own-device trend among employees, while there are companies who still do not show business with this movement. While 65 percent of C-level executives report the consumerization of IT is a top priority in their organization, nearly 90 percent of those surveyed, report their employees are using their personal computing technologies for business purposes. This was revealed by a study by business-technology-solutions and managed-services provider Avanade. It is an overwhelming majority of the business that follows this trend for the development of their business. With 60 percent adapting their IT infrastructure to accommodate employees, the study, "Dispelling Six Myths of Consumerization of IT," also found that companies, on average, are allocating 25 percent of their overall IT budgets to manage the consumerization of IT. According to Tyson Hartman, Avanade's global chief technology officer, Progressive CIOs and IT organizations have moved from gatekeepers of consumer technology to enablers of these innovative devices, applications and services to meet employee needs and demands. The consumerization of IT provides companies with an opportunity to transform the role of IT from a function focused on mitigating risk into a strategic enabler that leverages the breadth of today's powerful consumer technologies to drive business results. The study revealed that allowing personal technologies in the workplace is not a strong recruitment or retention tool, despite a sense that companies that encourage employees to use their own device do so as a way to recruit the best new talent. To make their workplace more appealing to younger employees, less than a third of business leaders have changed policies.

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