Microsoft vs. Google: Who has Better Privacy Benefits

Microsoft vs. Google: Who has Better Privacy Benefits

Posted:Feb 13,2015

Ads this week hit the pages of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and USA Today suggesting that people concerned with Google's policies try Microsoft's Bing search engine, Internet Explorer browser, Hotmail email and Office 365 for business documents. Microsoft has seized the opportunity presented by Google's privacy policy changes to tout its online services as alternatives. The ad further read that Google is in the process of making some unpopular changes to some of their most popular products. Those changes, cloaked in language like 'transparency,' 'simplicity' and 'consistency,' are really about one thing: making it easier for Google to connect the dots between everything you search, send, say or stream while using one of their services." Google called Microsoft's statements about its policies "myths" in a post on its Public Policy blog. Google also allows you to adjust the information that other sites get from Google to show you ads. But Google offers ways to fine-tune the personalized ads you see. If you are looking to minimize what Google knows about you , this is a good thing. Web companies survive on ad revenue. Google and Microsoft are no exceptions. By tracking your searches, the Web pages you visit and your interactions with other products they own, companies can deliver information that you'll find more relevant – and that generates higher advertising revenue for them. Both companies do it, but Google lets you customize your ad experience and makes it easy to take your data and go.

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