Enterprise IT faces upheaval to move to cloud-first computing

Enterprise IT faces upheaval to move to cloud-first computing

Posted:Feb 19,2015

IT departments should prepare to face major upheaval changing working practices to support cloud-first computing, while the experts predict the future is IT on a cloud platform. According to analyst Gartner, CIOs are expected to invest heavily in cloud computing in 2015. State-of-the-art cloud-based applications like Group on, Netflix and taxi app Hailo are engineered in a fundamentally different way to most enterprise systems, although hosting applications on public infrastructure as a service is well understood. Such cloud-first applications comprise tens of internal and external cloud based micro services and run on top of a cloud platform like Amazon Web Services. It is extremely difficult to manage an IT service that requires multiple external services. This was a warning that was given by IT service management expert Barclay Rae. Generally, enterprise IT projects does not really consider the operational and supply chain of an on-going service. According to Rae, the challenge for IT departments attempting to incorporate external cloud services into their own applications is that they need to manage the external suppliers in a way that will meet their own service levels. Rae said it is very difficult for companies exploring how to open up their programming interfaces to third parties to build new products and services. With a cloud service that offers 99.9% up time, you need to assume there will be 0.1% downtime. Unlike the situation where you have full control on-premise, you are outsourcing some of the control.

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