Intel Security warns of six social engineering techniques targeting businesses

Intel Security warns of six social engineering techniques targeting businesses

Posted:Feb 20,2015

There is growing concern about the effect of cyber crime on the global economy, which is currently estimated to be around $445bn. Cyber security training and policy management is imperative for businesses, according to the Hacking the Human OS report by Intel Security. The report encourages businesses to address and educate employees on the “six levers of influence” being used in the digital world by hackers. All businesses and employees should be aware of the basic persuasion techniques commonly used by cyber criminals. This was a report that was endorsed by the European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3). These techniques are used by cyber criminals to manipulate employees to do things they would not usually do, often resulting in the loss of money or valuable data. As the key initial step in what has been described in the most daring cyber heist to date, believed to have netted up to $1bn. Many of these social engineering techniques are used in spam and phishing emails to trick employees into revealing login credentials and other key information or clicking on links to malware. The report further added that bank computers and networks were breached by targeted phishing attacks, demonstrating the inherent weakness in the “human firewall” and the need to educate employees about the top persuasion techniques in use in the digital world. Despite the huge role played by social engineering in cyber attacks, a recent study by Enterprise Management Associates found that only 56% of all workers had gone through any form of security or policy awareness training.

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