Apple wants to hire a journalist

Apple wants to hire a journalist

Posted:Feb 25,2015

A new job listing has appeared on the Apple website for an 'Editorial Producer.' Apple is looking for a music journalist to write for iTunes, reports. Among other qualifications and skills, the company says a potential candidate must be a 'seasoned writer' with 'deep contacts in the freelance world.' Not just features and interviews you might find in more traditional music publications, it's also about merchandising, promotion, and shaping Apple's music content as a whole. Apple explains that the role is full-time and split between editorial and producing duties, its journalism. The position appears to show that the company is expanding from simple curation to original content. Musical duly notes that Apple hiring an actual journalist a big deal. Its music platform, iTunes, was built primarily as a place to find and download new music, not read about it. The expansion details come after news broke that Apple had pinched popular UK radio presenter Zane Lowe from BBC Radio 1. There is no idea as to what Lowe is going to be doing at Apple quite yet, but there's speculation he's going to work on iTunes Radio, which builds online radio stations based on listener tastes. Apple is also soon to relaunch iTunes with Beats Music, its upgraded, revamped streaming service. It's clear the move is in direct competition with rival Spotify, which also has an editorial team, and WiMp/Tidal, which US rapper Jaq-Z will almost certainly soon own.

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