How IBM analyzes Twitter for enterprise devs

How IBM analyzes Twitter for enterprise devs

Posted:Feb 26,2015

Capturing public conversations around the world in real time, Twitter could be a valuable source of intelligence for the business world, so IBM is creating new ways to derive potentially valuable information from this massive, sprawling data set. At the IBM Inter Connect conference, held this week in Las Vegas, company executives detailed how it is repackaging Twitter data for reuse and analysis, capitalizing on a deal struck with Twitter in October to access all the messages posted on the service. IBM business leader for the company's Watson analytics services, during the presentation said that developers now have the ability to get collective insights and intelligence from hundreds of millions of people. The curated Twitter data also provides a handy example of how enterprises could use IBM's new cloud analysis services to get more from other large data sets, both their own and from others. Damion Heredia, IBM vice president of cloud platform services product management, in a follow-up interview said that With the Twitter partnership, IBM can "take this huge amount of information and offer it to developers as a drink. He further added that you can sample the data, decorate it, plug it into Watson, push it onto mobile devices. IBM has done considerable work to make it easier to analyze the data and pipe it into other applications. Twitter users create anywhere between 1 and 5 billion Twitter messages a month. Rather than store all of these dispatches, IBM saves and indexes a representative sample of around 10 percent of the tweets.

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