Upgrading Windows 10 and Microsoft Band

Upgrading Windows 10 and Microsoft Band

Posted:Mar 02,2015

2 March, 2015 Microsoft is in doubt to mood bring changes in its products to make it more user friendly and attractive. Reports in the media suggest that the organization might be upgrading the search functionality of the Window 10 and also Cortana. At this juncture the search capacities include a pop-up window that covers almost the entire desktop screen. The buzz is that in the new Window 10 version, the search function will be pushed inside the Start menu. This alteration will turn the Start menu the functional search center for Windows 10. Another product of Microsoft which is news since its launch is Microsoft Band. It will receive significant up gradation in the form of latest messaging features that includes onscreen predictive keyboard and the messages will come on the big screen one at a time during the “quick read” mode. The regular wearer of these bands will be impressed with the dedicated cycling tile as it records calorie burn, distance, time span and many more things. All these updates in Microsoft products will enhance its user base to a great extent.

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