Facebook is willing to Help Telcos Facing Problems

Facebook is willing to Help Telcos Facing Problems

Posted:Mar 03,2015

3 March, 2015 Mobile telecommunication companies are facing a lot of unease because of the onslaught that Facebook is causing to its traditional voice and SMS services which is their actual source revenue. But speaking at Mobile World Congress Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg informed that the social networking giant is willing to work the telcos to make sure that WhatsApp does become the cause of shut down of the mobile telecom operators. He admitted that most of the work of getting the world connected is being done by the carriers who invest billions for the networks across the world. He also added that he is conscious of the cost that is required for infrastructure and he is only interested in helping the telcos. Face book’s Internet.org app is being promoted with the help of the local telcos in the developing countries so that they help to maximize the usage of internet on the latest networks that is being built. The new app does not have Messenger so that the telecos that are investing in the networks get back some revenue. It will serve best if the telecommunication companies and Facebook work together to get the world connected.

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