Adverse Effects of H-1B Visa on the US IT Workforce

Adverse Effects of H-1B Visa on the US IT Workforce

Posted:Mar 04,2015

The visa program initiated by the US is not at all aimed at the internal IT workforce of the country but the program does cause great harm to the workers. In 2015 this particular visa turns twenty five years old .It has faced many hurdles and problems but what has not changed over the years is the anger of the people who are being replaced by the people who holds this visa. In recent times in Connecticut and also at Southern California Edison the IT workers of US had to provide training to their visa replacements as it was a condition of the layoff agreement. These cases have attracted a lot of public attention but there are also other cases which garner less interest. The fight over H-1B visa is still on as the lawmakers of the US senate is pushing hard to raise the number of the visas from 65,000 to 195,000 per year. IEEE-USA is skeptical about the move as it may wipe out the tech workforce of the country completely.

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