Hacking the Websites of Small Businesses in US

Hacking the Websites of Small Businesses in US

Posted:Mar 09,2015

Global economy loses around $ 445 billion in a year because of cyber related crimes. The companies experience loss of productivity because of these crimes. The cyber investigators believe that the businesses that have connection with the internet will be targeted by the cyber criminals who are always looking for innovative ways to steal data and money. In the US, the FBI is investigating the hacking of the websites of the small businesses and the hackers claim that they are related to the Islamic State (ISIS).The logo of the organization was seen on the landing pages of the targeted websites and it was accompanied by a message. Eyeflow, an US internet marketing firm’s website was hit badly. The company thinks that it was under attack because of its worldwide philanthropy. The businesses that faced website hacking includes a brewery, a hotel, a racing track, a NGO and many others. But the law enforcement agencies believe that the hackers are not related to ISIS in any way and they were just trying to attract the media and grab some headline.

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