Apple Introduced its Lightest and Thinnest Computer

Apple Introduced its Lightest and Thinnest Computer

Posted:Mar 10,2015

The Apple CEO Tim Cook in an introductory session at San Francisco introduced the brand new notebook and with this introduction they actually considerably revamped their laptop line. This is the first time since April 2014 that Apple has revitalized its light-weight notebook line. The company’s marketing head Philip Schiller said that it is the lightest ever Mac ever made and added that this particular model is 24% thinner compared to the MacBook Air. This latest model boosts of a 12-in high resolution display known as Retina, redesigned keyboard and the track pad, much smaller logic board and the overall design is certainly fanless. This model will run effortlessly for nine hours if one browses the web and ten hours if one listens to the music. The company is definitely trying to develop a non-niche product so that it is used by a cross section of individuals. The product is priced $1,299 at the entry level configuration and the high-end models is priced at $ 1,599. The latest models are widely accessible at the Apple’s online and retail stores.

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