Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO Employs One Simple Rule for Hiring

Posted: Mar 11,2015

The CEO of Facebook never makes the process of hiring an employee for his organization a complex process rather he keeps it simple. He will only hire an individual whom he would like to have as a boss. During his monthly town hall meeting he elaborated that the above criteria is the only thing he looks for in a candidate. He described this particular test as a good one. By using this test Face book has successfully hired some of the tech world’s most respected executives. Sheryl Sandberg one of the most famous names in the technology circuit was hired as the Chief Operating Officer of Face book .Zuckerberg added that Sandberg helped to turn Face book into a healthy business proposition and he considers her as a mentor. Face book’s staff size is small in comparison to the other tech firms and this is because of the advanced technology used by the firm. And he wants to keep it that way because he is of the view that big companies get distended.

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