Google Nearline Cloud Service Offers Easy Accessibility to Stored Cold Data

Posted: Mar 12,2015

Google Cloud storage Nearline provides a means of storing the company data that is not required or accessed frequently by the staffs of the company or the clients. This sort of data is actually known as cold data but this kind of data needs to be available whenever needed without much hassle .The quantity of international data related to business is growing at a rapid rate. Google has developed a service which offers quick response to back up data and also offers east access to data. The cost is just one cent per month for each gigabyte of data at rest. Nearline spreads data is an automated fashion throughout the numerous data centers but are retrievable within few seconds. It comes at a competitive price. This service of storing cold storage data is not a new phenomenon and it is a testament to the fact that more and more businesses are trusting their data in cloud. To expand their horizon Google has tied up with many storage companies with the introduction of Nearline.

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