Can Tech Firms Accommodate a Generalist?

Can Tech Firms Accommodate a Generalist?

Posted:Mar 13,2015

Today a very pertinent question faces the tech industry. If the industry have any place for a generalist or not? If the it industry will only employ specialists? But the reality is that the industry requires both specialists with in- depth knowledge and generalists with innovative ideas who can operate in more than one area. Technology giants’ like Apple and Google will employ experts to build different lines of businesses like self-driving automobiles. But start ups often have monetary issues and they normally employ employees who can wear multiple hats like if they work as a CFO they should be able to work on the technology front also. Large IT firms with more than enough resources to keep specialists but small ones dependent heavily on the generalists. If an IT company requires developing exceptional quality software then it has no alternative but to recruit a specialist. When it outcomes to dealing with strategies like rolling out new products a generalist mindset works better who can think out of the box. A tech professional with generalist frame of mind can weather many twists and turns of the IT industry

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