Increased Number of Developers but Decreased Number of Electrical Engineers

Posted: Mar 16,2015

Electrical engineering and software development both are extremely important in the field of technological innovations. But, according to the recent trends in the employment scenario for the electrical engineering arena is not at all encouraging. On the other hand, the employment graph of the software developers is certainly going upward. In accordance to the unpublished reports of U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the software developers who are the largest employment category increased by 12% i.e., a gain of 132,000 jobs In the IT industry. But the individuals working as electrical engineers declined by 29,000 in 2014 and this is not at all an abnormal trend. The electrical engineers are slowly migrating to other professions but the number of software developers t5ouched the one million mark in 2010. The percentage of unemployed electrical engineers was put at 2% and software developers at 2.5%.

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