Voices of the Displaced IT Workers Heard in the American Senate but in Secrecy

Posted: Mar 18,2015

Senate Judiciary committee debated the ramifications of issuing H-IB and the displacement or tech workers and the insecurities they face because of unemployment. There was immense frustration especially relating to the layoffs that took place in the Southern California’s Edison. This has become the perfect example of the element of abuse that exists with the H-IB visas. Senator Charles Grassley also invited the officials of Edison to join the committee in order to testify but the invitation was declined by them. The committee had a hearing from the displaced IT employees but the entire interaction with these displaced workers was shrouded in secrecy. The whistleblower of Infosys, Jay Palmer informed the session that if the displaced employees articulate their grievances they will be definitely sued. Ron Hira of Howard University testified that if the tech workers refuse to train the foreign counterparts they are going to lose their unemployment insurance also. The legislators either spoke in support or against the visa regime but all were of the opinion that laws need to be framed to impose some minor restrictions.

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