Absolute need for Diversity in the Information Technology Industry

Absolute need for Diversity in the Information Technology Industry

Posted:Mar 24,2015

There is a belief that diverse workforce actually adds to the quality of work done in an organization. But in spite of this belief there is a definite lack of diverse workforce in the Information Technology industry. For example in 2014 Apple had put forward a report that proved that the company actually employs eighty percent male and fifty four percent white individuals. In the recent times there have been lawsuits filed against IT majors for secretive and discriminatory promotion methodologies by ex-women employees. Also the presence of black Americans are very small in number in the tech world. Face book, Yahoo and Google employs a little bit more than two percent and in Apple it’s near seven percent. To reverse this situation at least when it comes to recruiting women and other minority candidates Apple will partner with a few nonprofits like the National Center for Women and Information Technology, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and other organizations. They will receive $50 million from Apple for this purpose. This money will be used to fund internships, scholarships and required training for the women and other minority students. Apple is not the only one investing in diversity programs only. Intel is investing $300 million to increase the number of women and minority in the organization also.

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