Offering a boost to the Indian IT workers by Providing Easy US L1-B Visas

Offering a boost to the Indian IT workers by Providing Easy US L1-B Visas

Posted:Mar 25,2015

The President of USA Barack Obama made an announcement that the process of providing L1-B visas has been eased .This move is actually very beneficial for the corporate executives and it will also bring an end to the harassment that the Indian IT workers used to face. The procedure for bringing in IT professionals from India by Indian companies will certainly become smooth. President Obama believes that this move will bring in a greater amount of foreign direct investment into the country. The companies at times need to temporarily move foreign workers from foreign offices to the US office and this reform will aid this process. The President was speaking at the Select USA Summit and it is focused on increasing the US exports and alluring more FDI in the country. This large scale rejection of L1-B visas was a huge discouragement in investing in the USA. He believes that a constructive reform of the immigration package will lead to turning America into a far more attractive business destination, will increase the growth and will also make the country much more secure and strong. He also added that he wanted his friends in the Republican Party to get on board. The time is appropriate and congenial to set up shops in the USA.

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