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Techejobs is a leading IT Job Search and Talent Search web portal with numerous IT Companies and subscribers associated with it. We are enhancing recruiter’s involvement with the present job market. Simultaneously, it will help you to increase the rate of involvement with the customers and improved business conversions. Through linking and reverse linking facilities, you can enhance your company’s website traffic by 60%. Your job will be automatically distributed to other job portals and different social media platforms. You can also promote your jobs by sharing your company’s profile page with Techejobs. As an employer, you can enhance your business outreach by subscribing any plan of Techejobs.

Our partnership program at a glance

Our partnership program is creating potential job market across US. Through our extensive services, we are enhancing the involvement of employers and the job seekers. No matter, whether you are a small IT startup or a recruitment agency, this partnership program will provide you effective and efficient services. The linking and reverse linking facilities can enhance the website traffic for a particular employer. Simultaneously, as an employer, your job posts can get the highest priority in the job post section. Through this linking facility, a particular employer description could be promoted in a better manner and a jobseeker can access all posted jobs of that employer. We are distributing your jobs in an extensive manner through different social media platforms and other popular job portals. This symbiotic approach is beneficial for both of us. We are offering different subscription plans for our subscribers and they can avail any of our plans to become a prospective member. It will be helpful for increasing the views of your posted jobs. In addition, you can invite your fellow recruiters to improve their business through Techejobs. Our referral program will help you to earn 20% as a reward of the chosen subscription plan. All of our partners are creating numerous job opportunities through our online supports. Techejobs is providing you a complete package for an improved IT recruitment process. Our Govt IT RFP program is a powerful tool for enhancing your business opportunities. With the help of Govt IT RFP, an employer can access plenty number of business opportunities from state, federal and local government agencies across US on a daily basis.

How can our partnership program help you?

This is an out and out professional platform to flourish your business in a better manner. Our comprehensive tools and services will render a better assistance for your business. You can easily enhance the outreach of your business network rapidly. Our corporate solution will provide you better assistance for talent acquisition and placement process. The existing group of business partners is showing a better business prospect and we are inviting you to join this team.

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If you want to grow with Techejobs, then you can fill up the following form and submit it. We will contact you shortly. We are open for further discussion and you can send your views to this email id or you can make a call to the toll free number 888-720-JOBS (US).

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