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It pays and helps to team up with Techejobs. Take benefit of a wide range of partnership opportunity by linking your business to Techejobs-IT Job Search & Talent Search Marketplace. By partnering with us, your business can gain incredible value by leveraging Techejobs' power to reach and connect, for solutions from posting and applying for jobs to searching for resumes and reaching local talent. Techejobs has the most advanced technology to match the right tech people to the right tech job.

ATS Alliance

Organize your job postings

Smoothly reach our marketplace through job postings directly from your ATS. Integrate with Techejobs that you can do your own business without hesitation.

Improve job application process

Job seekers prefer uninterrupted apply flow. Get our apply integration and view more optimized applications.

Find your hiring

Straight reach out to the candidates from our resume repository consisting of millions of tech resumes. Organize the sourcing process through resume import support.

Boost up business standard

Techejobs bridges the gap between employer and jobseeker. Our ATS integration solves the purposes of both the employer and jobseeker. Get access to dedicated, on-going technical support to answer your questions and improve your integration. Work with a company that has a strong commitment to ongoing innovation.

Reseller Program

Reach your target audience and earn directly by selling Techejobs subscription packages. We integrate a fully functional co-branded experience, offering the full suite of Techejobs Product and Technology solutions for your team to sell. We provide comprehensive Sales support for training, mentoring and sales assistance. Earn with Techejobs being a reseller.

Cross Job Posting

Enhance your business outreach by distributing jobs with Techejobs. Cross job posting provides you the most extensive business opportunity where your jobs will get more views. Reach your target audience faster through distributing your jobs. Techejobs encourages you to become a partner for cross job distribution.

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Please feel free to reach us at or call us at 888-720-JOBS (5627)