Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is in respect to the Privacy Policy that all the personal information and database will be offered to you that you had provided us through our website. This should not be leaked by any chance and is applicable only to the website. Once you register with us you automatically agree to all the consent that we provide to you through our website. There may be times when you have to submit all your personal information that you have. All the information that you provide to us will be kept safe and only be used for official purposes.

Collected Information

Some of your personal information such as IP address is already available to us. You will need to provide some personal information to us that will verify your identity such as name, contact address, email address, sex, age, occupation, billing information, credit card information, web log information, IP address etc if you need to access to various services that our website is providing

We may also indirectly collect information about you if you use any kind of third party services. We can also collect information about how you use our website and how you access to the various services that the website provides to you.

Information About Resume

Based on the profile status that you have selected your resume will be accessed by suitable employers. Your resume can also be searchable to third party employers or recruiters if you store your updated resume in our servers.

You need to keep your profile status visible and your profile can be accessed by anyone if you want your resume to be non-confidential and visible to all. The job opening that you have applied for will have an access to your resume if you do not want that to happen and you have to keep your resume confidential.

We will not be responsible if any third party will have access to your profile as you will be the one applying for it. Once you make your profile resume visible to all, we will not be responsible for securing the privacy of it.

Change of Personal Information

You can also modify and update your personal information that you had provided to us by signing in our website. We request you to modify your resume when the necessity arises because we at our end cannot modify the information that is provided by you.

Once you make a public posting of it you may not be able to change your profile resume or even close your account. We may help you to close your account and remove all your personal information once you tell us to do so. But for some legal issues we will have to retain all your information and database with us.

Protection of Account

It is your responsibility to keep your password secure and also responsible for all the activities that will be going on under your username as the only key to your account is your password. Do not disclose it to anyone and keep your password safe. You will be responsible if anything goes wrong in your account and it may also lead to legal bindings. Change your password immediately to avoid any kind of ill happenings.


We use certain tools to protect your personal information against any unauthorized disclosure as keeping your personal information secure is important to us. No information in the Internet or any electronic storage is 100% secure. Therefore we cannot guarantee full security of your information nor can we guarantee you that any of the third parties will not have access to your personal information. We work really hard to protect all your personal information but in no means do we promise to keep it safe and neither should you expect that your personal information will always remain private.

Change in The Privacy Statement

Any changes made to the privacy policy will be posted to this privacy statement or in such places so that it is appropriate for you to remain updated about it and also be aware about the information that we collect, how and when we collect and most importantly in what kind of circumstances do we need to disclose it.