Terms of Use

Terms of Use

All of our users have to adhere to our terms and conditions. We provide you with a lot of opportunities as an online service and this includes posting and searching of jobseeker resumes and IT employment opportunities.

By using our site, you’re acknowledging to abide by our terms and conditions under all circumstances. You’re advised to read through our Privacy Statement carefully in order to be aware of all important terms of using our website. Please remember that the rules laid down by our organization are aimed at making things easier for our users. We reserve the right to revise and update our terms of service through different situations. In order to remain updated with our latest terms and conditions, it’s necessary for you to visit this page regularly.


Your age has to be above 18 years in order to use the site. Once you accept the terms and conditions, it becomes a warrant that you have attained 18 years of age. You’ll then be eligible to visit our website and have the authority, right and capacity to abide by our business principles. You’ll also be able to use our website with all its advantages under the applicable laws and regulations.

Use of Techejobs content

All of the contents available on our website need to be followed carefully by our users and you can have a copy of it and refer to it when required for your personal and non-commercial uses.

As it is totally against the law, you cannot use the contents of this site in any other website or networked computer environment. Any piece of content that exists in our site has a copyright of the site. You’ll be completely restricted from using this site and its contents if you do not obey the terms and conditions.

Techejobs site restrictions

Violation of any law or regulation can be punishable and will be considered to be a great offence. The site has certain restrictions and every individual that is using the site should be aware of these restrictions.

Some personal information may have been stored in our website, which could be leaked if it is not handled properly. That’s the reason why we have certain restrictions and our users should follow them.

Registration Information

For registering with us you’ll need to submit some personal information that is necessary for example a valid email address etc. Without your prior consent, the company will not disclose any of your personal information to a third party until and unless it is actually necessary to do it.

The company reserves the right to share personal information with a third party and doesn’t do so until and unless it’s necessary as per law.

Use of the Techejobs services

All the job postings and resume updates that are performed in this site need to be handled by individuals who are either looking for jobs or seeking career information of jobseekers. Our services should be strictly used for professional matters.

Registration and password

It’s your responsibility as a user to maintain the confidentiality of your account and its password. You are also responsible for ensuring the proper registration of your account. You are not allowed to share any of your registration information with any third party be it on a temporary or permanent basis. You may no longer be authorized to use our site if you tend to do it. You should immediately inform the company in case you notice any mishandling of your account.

Additional terms applicable to job seekers

When you register with our site, you’ll need to give us some personal information like a valid email address. The information that you share with us should be accurate and suffice our need in every aspect.

The site is not responsible for any wrong information that you share with us as a user. You’ll be held solely responsible for all information that you submit with us. We reserve all the rights of storing information from third parties and do not leak any of such information.

Data privacy and sms alert

Cellular phones have turned out to be the best medium for sending information on jobs to job seekers and career information to employers who are looking for candidates. We’re committed towards protecting our users from identity theft and other malpractices. However, Techejobs.com cannot be held responsible for misuse of data shared by users in the event of data theft or misrepresentation of data involving a third party.

Links to other sites

Our site may contain links to third party websites. It is solely provided to you for your convenience and not as a part of any kind of endorsement. Techejobs.com is not responsible for the outcome of links showing through third party websites. If you want to be linked with the third party websites, it will be at your own risk.

No resale or unauthorized commercial use

You should agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in our website and agree to the fact that you will not make any commercial use of any information present in our site.